Wednesday, March 27, 2013

First Craft Group (Painting Knockoff Toms)

I just started a craft group with friends, and this was our first project! It was a really fun and easy craft, and it was neat to see how the girls' designs reflected their personalities. 
Getting started... I read a helpful tip that said to cut a small piece of sticky felt or adhesive patches and stick it in the inside of the toe of the shoe, so the shoe will last longer.
I was so excited to find these knock-off Toms at Five and Below for $5; here they are all done and drying.
Yummy blonde brownies-- had to have a snack break!
These are mine; I used the same technique as in my nail art post, and I love having the big gold heart on the front and all the little ones on the back!
The gold is so fun and fashionable!
Ready to go out in style! I can't wait for next month's project...

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  1. What is Five and Below? I have never heard of it. Is it like a dollar store for $5 things? This is a fun idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! It was fun to pop over here and see what you have been doing!