Monday, July 22, 2013

Product Review and Giveaway!

Hi friends! I am so excited that Kilee from One little Momma is willing to do a product review and giveaway for me! Kilee is a super-stylish mom who has a great blog and makes adorable leather belts for kids, little boy ties and bow ties in her Etsy shop; you really should check them out!  
So head on over to Kilee's blog, check out her cute baby in the outfit I made, see what's going on there, and register to win the goodies in the picture above during the giveaway running this week!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Refashioned Shorts for a Cute Patriotic Outfit!

I got these light denim shorts a while ago at Loft; they were really long, cuffed walking shorts. I wore them that way for a long time and liked them, but this year the fashion is shorter shorts, so I decided to modify them for a new look. First, I removed the cuffs and tried a regular hem, but it wasn't quite what I wanted. (First picture below!) Then I saw a cute pair from Old Navy, and copied their look! I lined up the hems of the shorts, cut them off a little longer than the finished length I wanted, and reinforced the side and inner seams, then sewed double seams around both leg openings 1/4" from the bottom so they would only unravel that far when I threw them in the wash. I sent them through the rinse cycle twice to let them fray naturally, dried them, and loved the finished product, which I wore to a baseball game with friends over the July 4th weekend!
...and after!

Monday, July 1, 2013

The switch to Bloglovin'

Hi friends!
As you may know, Google is shutting down Google Reader today, July 1. I would love for you to continue following my blog, so here are a few options! I joined Bloglovin' and have been happy with it. I haven't personally checked out Feedly but I've heard it is also a good alternative! These are programs which organize all the blogs you follow, and send you email updates when new content appears, so you never have to miss anything! If you've been using Google Reader, or if you've never tried out a blog-following site like these, now's the time to try them out!

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