Thursday, July 18, 2013

Refashioned Shorts for a Cute Patriotic Outfit!

I got these light denim shorts a while ago at Loft; they were really long, cuffed walking shorts. I wore them that way for a long time and liked them, but this year the fashion is shorter shorts, so I decided to modify them for a new look. First, I removed the cuffs and tried a regular hem, but it wasn't quite what I wanted. (First picture below!) Then I saw a cute pair from Old Navy, and copied their look! I lined up the hems of the shorts, cut them off a little longer than the finished length I wanted, and reinforced the side and inner seams, then sewed double seams around both leg openings 1/4" from the bottom so they would only unravel that far when I threw them in the wash. I sent them through the rinse cycle twice to let them fray naturally, dried them, and loved the finished product, which I wore to a baseball game with friends over the July 4th weekend!
...and after!

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