Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Necklace Display!

I had seen several different takes on making a necklace display/holder, so I decided to make one using my twist on some of what I had learned from the tutorials. So here's a quick tutorial so you can make one yourself! You will need a frame, a piece of fabric a little bigger than the size of the frame backing, some quilter's batting the same size as the frame backing, heavy duty tape, and some small tacks or hooks.

First take your frame and remove the mat and glass
Now lay your fabric face down. Then lay your batting and frame back on top.

Trim fabric if necessary. Then fold around the edges. I folded in the corner first and then folded in the two sides over it. Now tape about every three inches.
(I had one of my sisters hold the fabric straight while I taped, as it looks neater that way)
It should look like this. Now secure in the frame.
Embellish if desired. I made four little flower rosettes and attached them in the corners.
 Top Right
 Bottom left
Hammer in a couple of tacks close to the top, about 1.5 to 2 inches apart. 
Put necklaces on the tacks and mount on wall. 

Doesn't it look super cute! I love that mustard yellow is in this season!

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