Monday, October 15, 2012

State Fair Entries

Sometimes I think there is only enough time in my day to make a craft or blog about it:), so recently I have been busy making all kinds of crafts!
I just finished my three projects for the NC state fair.
I love entering projects in the state fair and have entered projects/crafts since 1998!
I really enjoyed making this fun bird wall hanging! Since framing in embroidery hoops is popular right now, it was fun to work with that in mind and create this project
This is the dress and matching purse I made for the state fair. For this dress I had so much fun designing the modern look I wanted with pink and orange and I even put a black fashion zipper in the back for extra flair.

Fun gold sparkly shoes!

See fashion zipper pictured below!

Cute matching purse and striking rosette detail.

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